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In Defense of Black Radical Voices

In the aftermath of the controversy around Dr. Sundita Cha-Jua’s Real Talk column with News Gazette, in particular his Oct 23 rd article regarding the politics and character of Mr. Terrance Stuber and Mr. Herschel Walker, I was left wondering about the state of African-American politics in general, but in our community specifically. I confess it is frustrating that we live in a time where those who continually perpetuate falsehoods such as the 2020 election was stolen or there was no riot on January 6th are given any serious credence or space in public discourse. But I am even more discouraged at the threads of anti-intellectualism and neo-liberalism present in Black public spaces and discourse. As a proudly ordained clergy within the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, the oldest Black denomination and only one founded and grounded in social justice; as well as being perhaps the only